A cure for Parkinson’s, faster, through the world’s best preclinical neuroscience.

For more than 20 years, Atuka has collaborated with its partners to provide preclinical services that expand the frontiers of Parkinson’s disease research, and help make new, life-changing therapeutics a reality.

We are on the threshold of a new era in our understanding of Parkinson’s disease, with more effective and targeted treatments being developed and a cure within reach.

Atuka’s neuroscientists have extensive preclinical experience developing therapies for numerous indications—including Parkinson’s, cognitive disorders, Alzheimer’s, ALS and other movement disorders such as dystonia and dyskinesia—across multiple modalities, including small molecules and biologics. 

Working together toward a shared goal:
better treatments for Parkinson’s and ultimately a cure.

Atuka is a world-leading therapeutic development group, bridging gaps in the therapeutic development ecosystem by combining the best academic and industry scientific understanding with innovative therapeutic development expertise. Few organizations can claim the same depth of knowledge and experience when it comes to Parkinson’s disease. In addition to our background in advanced academic research, Atuka has collaborated with over 90 organizations, including large pharmaceutical and biotech companies, charitable foundations, universities, and government agencies. Over the course of more than 400 preclinical projects, targeting more than 60 mechanisms of action, we have built an extremely rich understanding of Parkinson’s disease, its causes, and potential treatments.

We help our partners make informed, critical decisions at the interface between the preclinical and clinical—backed by our commitment to provide:


Close collaboration with our partners’ scientists, putting Atuka’s unsurpassed expertise and knowledge at the service of their therapeutic development program


The widest range of industry-leading preclinical rodent and non-human primate models, enabling us to deliver the best-tailored approach for any therapeutic program


The highest-quality studies and data, as designed and interpreted by world-leading neuroscientists, to ensure results that are consistently predictive and translatable

At Atuka, we we work closely with our partners to offer superior alternatives to standardized, black-box approaches to evaluating a therapeutic. Each preclinical study is designed according to the unique mode of action and potential indication of a partner’s program to ensure the highest degree of translatability to Phase II clinical proof-of-concept—whether for overall efficacy or target engagement. It is an approach that combines the scientific rigour of our extensive research experience with the creativity and innovation we have learned to harness from over two decades of working with a multitude of partners, datasets, models, and prospective therapeutics.

Our neuroscience expertise goes beyond Parkinson’s

At Atuka, we deliver a range of contract research and consultancy services that include our industry-leading suite of rodent and non-human primate models, including alpha-synuclein driven and toxin-based models, gene therapy enabling technologies, and ancillary technologies, including imaging, pharmacokinetics, biodistribution, and chemistry services to support your drug development programs:

  • Disease model development 
  • Assessment of preclinical efficacy 
  • Gene therapy and supporting technologies 
  • Chemistry services 
  • Pharmacokinetics, imaging, and other services to support drug development 
  • Fractional scientific leadership, integrated into partner teams and facilities